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Are you looking for a loan-level mortgage accounting platform that leverages technology to reduce manual workloads in your accounting department, provides users with the functionality they need to do their job, and helps you run, control, and understand your business more effectively?


Loan Vision, a loan-level mortgage accounting platform, was developed by Bestborn Business Solutions to meet the needs of a rapidly growing mortgage bank who had outgrown their legacy off-the-shelf accounting solution.




Struggling with the burden of manual tasks, an inability to quickly report on key metrics, and a desire for a solution that could help the business meet its growth expectations, NOVA® Home Loans was instrumental in the development of a solution designed to meet the unique challenges of the mortgage banking industry. 


Originally built on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 release and now utilizing the latest release of one of the leading financial management solutions on the market, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 Loan Vision puts the right tools in the hands of the people that need them to do their jobs efficiently and accurately.  



With Loan Vision's Role Center based structure, a user can create their own unique environment, tailored to the core tasks of their role. Utilizing graphical representations on a dashboard allows senior executives and non-financial users, such as branch managers, to quickly absorb data relevant to their job role or operations. 


To learn more about Loan Vision contact us on 724 216 5266 or Request a Demo


Our news
“Loan Vision completely changed how we're able to use financial information in our company."
Dan Humphrey, Chief Financial Officer, Norcom Mortgage
"Bestborn spoke our language. They understood the importance of cutting edge technology and they offered a solution that looks and works like it belongs in this industry.”
Michael Paul, partner and spokesperson, Direct Mortgage Loans