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Functionality Overview
Efficient Accounting for Mortgage Bankers


Loan Vision helps streamline manual processes, lower operating expenses, and reduce risk for accounting departments in the mortgage industry by combining a leading financial management solution with loan level accounting.


The Loan Card 


The Loan card serves as the data warehouse for all loan related information for each specific loan, and is a key feature of the Loan Vision mortgage accounting system.  As well as holding information particular to an origination such as branch code and loan officer, as well as a full escrow breakdown, data is broken into areas such as:


•             Borrower information

•             Funding/sale Information

•             Loan Purchase investor

•             Interim Servicing

•             1098 reporting

•             Pricing and Margins


From the loan card a user can see every transaction made for a specific loan, system wide.

In the complex world of accounting for mortgage bankers, risk reduction is as important as workload reduction.  With Loan Visions 1098 management tool, all 1098 data is warehoused in the Loan Vision system allowing for ease of tracking and regulatory filling. 


Import Schema 


The import Schema allows users to design custom imports for loan information from the Loan Origination System (LOS).  Here, users can pick each field they wish to import and validate against customer and vendor files for title companies and investors.  Supporting imports from multiple LOS systems, Loan Vision allows you to integrate new acquisitions with ease.


Loan Funded Processing


From this area users can either manually or automatically import loan data from the LOS system.  Once data validation has been carried out, new loan cards and invoices are created at the touch of a button, processing thousands of loans in a matter of seconds.


Loan Purchased Processing


This area allows the loan purchase information to be validated and processed.  An easy way of processing large amounts of data in seconds, again automatically creating detailed loan purchase invoices as per the investor specifications.


Loan Level Profitability & Metric Reporting


Loan Vision offers the ability to pull a loan Profit & Loss at the touch of a button as well as other loan level reports such as Multi-Account Reconciliations, Origination's by Dimension and so on.


Financial Reporting 


The ability to produce timely detailed financial reports is key in today’s data dependent business environment. Loan Vision offers the functionality to easily create custom financial reports with multiple column and row layouts with full drill down capabilities. Have multiple companies and consolidated financial reporting? Loan Vision handles that too.




Slicing and dicing of data is made easy in the Loan Vision platform using Dimensions. Tagging each loan related transaction with the loan number, plus other pertinent criteria such as Business Unit, Branch, Loan Officer, or Product Type to name just a few allow for a truly unique insight into an organizations financial activates driving unmatched decision making capabilities.


Basic Budgeting 


Featuring the ability to create, export and import budget packs, Loan Vision allows organizations to compare budget to actual as well as variance, all within a financial statement. 


Advanced Budgeting & Forecasting


Better prepare the organization for the ups & downs of the mortgage industry using the Loan Vision Advanced Budgeting & Forecasting module. Designed to help build a clearer roadmap to greater profitability the tool will also provide clarity around financial obligations as production varies, as well as inspire better financial decision making. 


Jet Excel Reporting


To be a truly efficient mortgage loan accounting platform, the ability to produce accurate, easy-to-run, customizable reports is essential.  With an Excel reporting tool fully integrated into the Loan Vision database, the user can pull ad hoc reports quickly and efficiently, and spend more time using the data than they do acquiring it.


Loan Level & G/L Reconciliation


The reconciling of both loan and trust accounts is often a very time consuming process, especially for those using legacy or non-industry specific accounting platforms; commonly involving the comparison of large and cumbersome pdf's or spreadsheets of data. Loan Vision offers unique tools which drastically help shorten the time taken for such tasks, often reducing the process to a matter of minutes as opposed to hours or days.  


Web Based Reporting Role Center 


Loan Vision's Web Based Role Center allows information to be shared with executives and branch managers in an easy to understand, captivating manner, allowing non-financial workers to quickly disseminate data specific to their operation. In addition to key metric reporting, additional functionality of the Web Based Reporting Role Center includes the ability to drill down to source documentation, input expense and easily query financial data, all designed to ease the workload of the central accounting office.


Commissions Calcuations 


Containing functionality to meet even the most complex of bonus structures, Loan Visions offers an extremely flexible, fully integrated commissions module designed to transition mortgage banks from a third party tool or in many cases an Excel spreadsheet.


Integrated Payables and Receivables 


Loan Vision offers the complete suite of capabilities that you would expect from an extensive financial management solution, including general and recurring journals, cash management, vendor management and accounts payable & receivable. With its fully integrated accounts payable functionality, Loan Vision allows the customer to leverage tools such as approval workflows, purchase order management and document management all within one key business system.  


Document Management 


Reducing paper in the lending process is a key challenge facing the mortgage industry today. Out of the box document storage capabilities allows Loan Vision users to attach crucial documents to any number of areas of the system, helping reduce costs, create efficiencies and cut down on physical storage needs. 


Close Manager


The Close Manager is designed to help bring greater efficiency, structure and control to the month-end close processes. This control comes from the checklist-like design that not only allows the assigning and tracking of closing tasks, but also acts as a central repository of all materials, ridding the need of multi-access spreadsheets and documents.


Interim Servicing 


This area allows mortgage banks to efficiently service the loans between the loan being funded and the loan being purchased, handling all payment types from straight payments to principle reduction and escrow increase payments. Payment requests and statements are run from Loan Vision’s servicing area with the loan number being key to every transaction made.


1098 Management

In the complex world of accounting for mortgage bankers, risk reduction is as important as workload reduction.  With Loan Visions 1098 management tool, all 1098 data is warehoused in the Loan Vision system allowing for ease of tracking and regulatory filling. 


Lease Management 


The Lease Management module helps lenders better manage both corporate and branch leases in accordance with the ASC 842 Leasing Standards. The module has a number of functions, such as determining lease terms, calculating lease liability and ROU asset depreciation, separating non-lease components automatically, tracking the lease status, and more.


Fixed Assets


With fully integrated Fixed Assets functionality mortgage banks can once again reduce their reliance on multiple business systems or manual spreadsheets, housing all of their financial data in one extensive financial management tool.  


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To grow we needed an enterprise platform with all the facilities, in order to move and keep information that is acceptable from a GAAP and a controller position... Loan Vision meets that need
Oystein Konsmo, Chief Financial Officer, NOVA® Homes Loans
"With Loan Vision, we could get our financial package – budgeting and planning, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and fixed assets – all in one system. This was huge. It would make it so much easier to drill down to the data level"                      
Julie Nelson, SVP Controller, United Shore Financial Services, LLC
“We knew if we got the right mortgage accounting system there would be a huge cost savings with automation. The difference is night and day compared to what we were doing before Loan Vision. Think about being able to import hundreds of loans as quick as we’d manually enter one.”
Michael McGowan, Chief Financial Officer, The Money Source