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Open Webpages Blog Open Mortgage Leverages Loan Vision to Automate Processes and Provide Granular Financial Information
When we began discussions with Open Mortgage’s accounting department, they had been straining under heavy workloads, doing all they could to get... [...]

PPP Loan Blog 2 Your Company Received a PPP Loan. Now What?
Whether your company elected the 24-week (168 day) period or the 8-week (56 day) period now is the time to be... [...]

Stafford Act Blog Coronavirus Tax Relief Under the Stafford Act
The President issued an emergency declaration in response to the coronavirus pandemic under the Stafford Act and subsequently approved major disaster declaration... [...]

mbfrf blog2 Expediting the Mortgage Bankers’ Financial Reporting Form
As you may already be well aware, every quarter, independent mortgage banks who do business with GSEs must submit a completed Mortgage... [...]

FHA 2 2 4 Reasons an FHA Lender may have to file a Notice of Material Event
Within the myriad of rules and regulations FHA lenders must follow is notifying the FHA of a change to the information provided... [...]

FBC Webpages blog2 FBC Mortgage Smooths Out Accounting Processes and Gains Invaluable Financial Insight with Loan Vision
The accounting department at FBC Mortgage, LLC (“FBC”) was trying to keep up with the rest of the company's growth, however they... [...]

cloud migration Three Questions to Ask if You are Considering Migrating to the Cloud in 2020
The past few weeks have certainly been interesting to say the least. [...]

COVID tax changes 3 COVID-19 Federal Tax Update and the CARES Act
We were originally asked to write about the tax changes to employee business expenses under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of... [...]

smooth month end 2 5 Steps to an Efficient Month-End Close Process
Having a proper month-end close process is imperative to providing clear and concise financials to executives. [...]

sustainability 5 Triple-Bottom Line: How to be a more sustainable business in 2020
When you look at the word “sustainable”, the first thing that may come to mind is your impact on the environment. [...]

5 things we learned 1 5 Things We Learned in 2019
This past year has taught us a lot about ourselves. [...]

2020 tips blog Tips to Prepare for 2020
At this year’s MBA Accounting and Financial Management conference, there was a lot of talk around what to expect in 2020. [...]

warehouse blog 5 Things to Look for in a Residential Mortgage Warehouse Lender
Mortgage originations have risen substantially since the depths of the financial crisis and the market is doing very well at the moment. [...]

Training Blog2 5 Ways to Maximize Training Opportunities
For the past six years, we’ve been training others to use the Loan Vision system and we’ve learned that the best... [...]

Marckx Blog Considering an Unlikely Tax Provision to Your Advantage in the Mortgage Industry
Children returning to school and dreaming of fall weather may be on your mind currently. [...]

Loan Import Automation 5 Benefits to Automating the Loan Import Process
One of the big issues that drive people to the Loan Vision system is our functionality around the loan importing process. [...]

Software Adoption Blog 5 Tips for a Successful Software Adoption
Many software companies have a routine implementation process that has been developed over a number of years. [...]

ASC 842 Blog ASC 842: How to Navigate the New Lease Changes
            In case you haven’t heard, there are massive changes coming to how leases are accounted for. [...]

Your Role in Data Safety Your Role in Keeping Company Data Safe
*Your Role in Keeping Company Data Safe*   Unless you are an IT professional, you’re probably unfamiliar with the detailed ins and outs... [...]

6 reasons to attend blog 6 Reasons to Attend LVUC19
The Loan Vision User Conference was created from the desire of our customers. [...]

Vendor Loyalty2 Three Signs Vendor Loyalty is Hurting Your Business
*What type of person are you?* You hear all the time “there are two types of people in this world. [...]

APM LV LI APM Bridges Communication Gap and Experiences Better Reporting with Loan Vision
A few weeks ago, American Pacific Mortgage announced a new brand including a logo which not only looks great but was designed... [...]

2018 Review 1 Loan Vision's Review of 2018
Loan Vision’s 2018 Review   This past year was another great one for us at Loan Vision as we saw an additional $5. [...]

Planning to fail Are You Planning to Fail by Failing to Plan?
*Are You Planning to Fail by Failing to Plan?*   It was Benjamin Franklin who said, "If you fail to plan, you are... [...]

Henry Chavez headshot 4 Best Practices to Ensure a Smooth Audit Experience
Many companies do not relish the thought of their respective year-end audits. [...]

LoanVisionUser7 Loan Vision Hosts Successful 2018 User Conference in Nashville
Building off the success from our first user conference in Pittsburgh, we look to gradually move our user conference across the country,... [...]

Jaclyn Headshot3 4 Ways Customers Can Build Their Software Knowledge Post-Implementation
An adopter’s first true interaction with a new solution is during a structured implementation process which typically includes some kind of on-board... [...]

Brad Marckx Headshot5 Tax Law Changes and Continued Concern on the Impact to the Mortgage Industry
Well it doesn’t take long for things to change in the mortgage industry. [...]

carl new headshot website5 4 Things to Consider when Making a G/L Change
This past week, in partnership with The Mortgage Collaborative, I presented a session on how, in our experience, some mortgage lenders see... [...]

Jaclyn Headshot3 Mortgage 1 Takes Days Out of Accounting Processes
Last month in our newsletter we shared our most recent customer success story on how Mortgage 1 out of Detroit, Michigan have... [...]

carl new headshot website5 HousingWire Names Loan Vision Creator to 2018 Tech100
Last month, HousingWire announced the winners of the 2018 Tech100, recognizing the most innovative technology companies serving the housing industry. [...]

carl new headshot website3 Village Mortgage Tackles Manual Workloads with Loan Vision
During times of growth, disruption to daily operations is commonplace; that’s just business for you. [...]

carl new headshot website3 A Quick Overview of MBA Tech 2018
The Mortgage Bankers Association's annual technology conference pulled into the motor city this year, home to some of the largest lenders in... [...]

martin headshot edit The Importance of Continuing Education!
The saying, Rome wasn’t built in a day, refers to the general idea that all things come in good time. [...]

Jaclyn Headshot3 Industry Insight Through Collaboration
In today's tech driven world, a mass of information is just a few keystrokes or mouse clicks away. [...]

loanvision.jpg A Short Review of 2017!
As I am sure all organizations do at the end of each year, we like to sit down as a company... [...]

JT Gaietto LINKEDIN 2 Cybersecurity Trends of 2018
With 2017 in the rearview mirror, organizations are focusing on developing their technology and cybersecurity plans for 2018. [...]

111111 Highlights of the 2017 MBA AFM Conference
 The Location   Hosted in a new location each year, the MBA’s Accounting and Financial Management Conference is one of the top industry events... [...]

rszedited2 Implementation Requires a Steady Hand
When lenders choose to leave behind the burdens of their off-the-shelf or legacy accounting systems and begin their search for a new... [...]

Welcome 1 Welcome, Jersey Mortgage!
Most of us would agree that working together with people who understand our needs is the most efficient way to get... [...]

rszblogcover1 Spotlight on the Loan Vision User Conference
The Location   After years in the making, the first annual Loan Vision User Conference was held just last week. [...]

Dustin Pfluger1 FASB Lease Accounting Changes - An overview of what you need to know
Overview: In February 2016, the Financial Accounting Standards Board issued ASU 2016-02 (Topic 842 which supersedes Topic 840) intended to improve financial reporting... [...]

martin headshot edit Why Host a User Conference?
Back in March, we broke the news that we would be hosting a user conference in Fall 2017, only this wouldn’t... [...]

Untitled design 2 We've Joined Microsoft's Inner Circle
A few weeks ago, our team received an email that we were selected to join the 2017/2018 Inner Circle for Microsoft Dynamics. [...]

Welcome 1 Welcome, US Mortgage Corporation!
Choosing the right accounting software is not a decision to be taken lightly. [...]

JimDeitchHeadshot blue background edit Do Lenders Really 'Manufacture' a Loan?
Lenders often speak about ‘manufacturing’ a loan. [...]

smallest training Building Super Users
During the last week of May, our team was delighted to welcome eight users from seven different Loan Vision customers to the... [...]

Alight CMEADE LO Profitability: What You Don’t Know About Your LO’s Performance
  LO Profitability: What You Don’t Know About Your LO’s Performance When it comes to loan production, lenders are often faced with the decision... [...]

DSCN2246 1 Tech for the Next Generation
In our October 2016 newsletter, we shared news that Aquinas Academy in Greensburg, PA had been chosen as the first recipient of... [...]

CW HEADSHOT FOR BLOG PAGE ON LV SITE2 Building Out Your Branch Network
In an article that appeared in the January edition of the Scotsman Guide, we wrote about how mortgage company financial managers are... [...]

CW HEADSHOT FOR BLOG PAGE ON LV SITE2 Bestborn Taps e-Learning for Better Customer Experience
People can’t get the most out of even the best tools if they don’t have the right training. [...]

CW HEADSHOT FOR BLOG PAGE ON LV SITE2 Bestborn Passes the 50 Customer Milestone!
We knew when we started on the path that led us into financial services, over three years ago, that this would... [...]

Seth Cohen square web 255x255 Preparing for uncertainty in 2017
This past year was tremendous for the mortgage industry, with an estimated $1. 9T in origination volume. [...]

CW HEADSHOT FOR BLOG PAGE ON LV SITE Better Management for Existing Branch Networks
Fixing the problems a branch has experienced in the past is important, but so is planning for future performance. [...]

File000 3 Highlights of the 2016 MBA Finance Conference
MBA Accounting and Financial Management Conference 2016     We're sharing highlights of the recent MBA Accounting and Financial Management Conference along with insight from attendees... [...]

CW HEADSHOT FOR BLOG PAGE ON LV SITE The Real Key to Growing Your Branch Network: Finding Insight
We recently completed an article that you’ll find shortly in one of our industry’s publications that sheds light on the way some... [...]

Carissa 270x270 Making Life Easier for Lenders Equals Bestborn Growth
When Bestborn Business Development Manager Carl Wooloff was asked for the most compelling reason that mortgage lenders were seeking the company out... [...]

CW HEADSHOT7 Clues 3 & 4: A Gentle Suggestion That It’s Time to Upgrade Your Accounting Software
Sometimes it’s hard to know when it’s time to upgrade a piece of business technology. [...]

CW HEADSHOT7 Clue 2: How Easy is Your Financial Reporting?
In a recent article, we pointed out that there are four very common clues that will tell you if it’s time... [...]

CW HEADSHOT7 Excel Overload: Clue No. 1 that it’s Time to Upgrade
We recently finished work on an article where we took a close look at the clues mortgage lenders will start to... [...]

CW HEADSHOT7 How to Run a More Profitable Mortgage Lender Business
There are many ways for the mortgage lender to increase bottom line profitability. [...]

CW HEADSHOT7 The Secret to Pulling Insight Out of Your Numbers
Recently, Loan Vision was featured in the annual technology-focused issue of National Mortgage Professional (June issue) with a story about how the... [...]

CW HEADSHOT7 Where is Insight Hiding in Your Business?
If you are managing a mortgage origination business, no one needs to tell you that things are getting tougher. [...]

CW HEADSHOT7 Bestborn Announces “Lite” Version of Loan Vision.
Mortgage loan originators who are not ready to invest in the industry’s most robust loan level accounting software but still desperately need... [...]

CW HEADSHOT7 36 Lenders on Loan Vision Contributes to Serious Growth.
2015 was a great year for Bestborn Business Solutions and our Loan Vision accounting software. [...]