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4 Ways Customers Can Build Their Software Knowledge Post-Implementation

An adopter’s first true interaction with a new solution is during a structured implementation process which typically includes some kind of on-board training. It is through this process users become familiar with the solution in order achieve the best possible outcome during go-live. Users are learning not only how to navigate the solution, but also best practices. The initial on-board training however, really only helps users to become semi-functional in the system at go-live, as not all the information is easy to recall, due to the sheer volume information. Users will then often look for assistance from the vendor.


Vendors can assist users in many ways in building their knowledge of a solution after a go-live, but we will focus on four. One way is to build out a web-based self-education resource, comprised of functionality how-to’s. The second is to host webinars designed to explore specific functionality to sharpen users’ skills of the solution. Another would be to hold on-site trainings at the vendor’s location. Finally, vendors can host a user conference designed to focus on best practices and functionality of the solution. Each of these continuing education initiatives assist users in maintaining and building their knowledge. Let first discuss the web-based self-education platform.


Web-Based Self-Education

Building out a web-based self-education platform for users to turn to is a great initial point of reference about a solution. It’s basically a software’s own personal wiki page, in the simplest of terms, as vendors store all the information about the system here. Building this platform is ongoing and evolves with the solution. If designed correctly, the resources will be visible in multiple formats to aid different types of learners, so utilizing a mixture of audible, visual and hands on is essential. Not only does this assist different types of learners, having access to the web-based self-education tool supports users efforts to learn on their own time, at their own pace.



The next initiative is to host webinars to engage users offering the opportunity for them to sharpen their skills. This platform is so powerful because so many users can engage with the vendor at once. During this time, users can see in real-time the steps to complete a task within the solution and address questions they have live during the presentation. It is recommended that hosting a webinar that last around 30 minutes to an hour on a specific topic will optimize learning and help attendees retain the most information. When the webinar is completed, sharing the recorded session with registrants and on other substantial platforms increases the visibility of the topic and provides others the opportunity to view the webinar.


Vendor Hosted On-site Training

Though a large audience is great, a smaller group of users attending an on-site training at the vendor’s location is another continuing education initiative to offer. It surely is more intimate and takes place in an environment more conducive to learning. There are three reasons for this.


For one, there are no internal company distractions for users at the vendor’s location. Being in their own office can hinder their ability to focus on the information they are trying to teach themselves or to learn to then relay to others. The second reason is how smaller groups promotes dialogue. The group is given the opportunity during a vendor hosted on-site training to share with one another their personal experiences with the solution, while also being able to ask the presenter questions. Finally, as with all continuing education, users are looking to enhance their knowledge, and this is the primary focus of the training as users take part in sessions to delve deeper into the solution. Though users may feel confident with the functionality being discussed, through this training they may well discover ways to become more efficient in their daily use of the solution, as well as gain more insight into business performance.


User Conference

When a vendor offers a solution across a wide customer base, a continuing education initiative like hosting a user conference is a great way to bring vendor and customers together centered around the solution. The goal of a conference is to educate customers on best practices and new features within the solution or products and to provide customers with additional values of the solution. Customers will get the most value out the conference through the engaging discussions with vendor team members, industry guest speakers, and fellow customers in sessions or during networking events. The most beneficial conversations are focused around customer experiences and differences in processes with the solution. This is because these conversations can influence the vendor to consider changes and updates to the solution in the future, enhancing its value, as well as deepen the partnership between vendor and users. 


Considering the continuing education opportunities when determining if and when to adopt a new financial solution, will help to identify the type of support a team will have through implementation is a crucial element for lasting success. Here at Loan Vision we have implemented each one of the mentioned initiatives to support our customers and it’s something we look to enhance and evolve to meet their needs, as there are several added values for customers. Our goal is to turn customers into on-site resources for their business, thereby decreasing the cost of ownership and increase the business’s ROI, as users are more knowledgeable of the system and can use it to its fullest capacity to enhance business processes.


If you would like more information about Loan Vision’s continuing education initiatives or about the Loan Vision solution, please contact Jaclyn Cornelius.



About the author:

Jaclyn Cornelius is the Marketing and Communications Manager at Loan Vision. She organizes and is the main point of contact for all Loan Vision events including the Loan Vision User Confernece, the Tips & Tricks Webinar Series, and the Loan Vision Super User Trainings. Jaclyn can be contacted at

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