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A Short Review of 2017!

As I am sure all organizations do at the end of each year, we like to sit down as a company to review what we did well, what we did not do quite so well and plan what our forecasts and targets are for next year. While we use the traditional key indicators to measure our success (percentage revenue growth, percentage profit growth, new customer adds etc.) all of which were very positive, the real measure of our achievements is a lot harder to quantify - the success of our customers to get the most out of the Loan Vision solution.


2017 was a year in which we looked to not just continue the great growth we have seen year on year since our launch, but at how we serve our customers and what learning opportunities we can provide for them to fully leverage the tools Loan Vision offers.


“The measures we underook in 2017 are the continuation of our commitment to build long lasting relationships with our lenders,” explains Martin Kerr, President of Loan Vision. “A solution is only as good as the ability to utilize it. Therefore, the focus on providing not only a solid solution technically, but also provide our lenders ongoing educational opportunities, accompanied by the launching of the self-service Knowledge Base, and webinars are the pillars to the Loan Vision customer experience.”  

While we have always prided ourselves on the approach we take to implementation, education and ongoing support of customers, we really wanted to redefine our interaction with our most important asset.

“Here at Loan Vision we are determined to continue to drive the usefulness of our mortgage accounting software. The webinar series formulated to explore a specific functionality each session within Loan Vision and the 1st Loan Vision Conference complement each other to uncover the lenders’ abilities to maximize the value of the software,” shares Carl Wooloff, Director of Sales & Marketing at Loan Vision.

The feedback received from the Super User trainings as well as the User Conference has been spectacular, with both initiatives being extremely well received and a lot of fun to be part of; so, watch this space for announcements on our 2018 plans.

Customer feedback is fantastic and whether good or bad, it is always appreciated, but everyone loves a slap on the back from time to time, especially when they give you something shiny to show for it. Late last year, we were extremely surprised and proud to be named to the Microsoft Inner Circle, which for those that don’t know, is the top 1% of 1% of Dynamics Partners globally, of which, there are a lot.

Martin Kerr shared, “The recognition of Microsoft to be named a member of the 2017-2018 Microsoft Inner Circle is an exceptional achievement and is humbling. We are grateful to Microsoft and value their partnership enormously.”

I will warp with a huge thank you to all that continue to be part of the Loan Vision community, we look forward to serving you in 2018 and seeing you at some of the events we have planned a little later in the year.  




About the author:

  Carl Wooloff is Sales and Marketing Director at Loan Vision, the mortgage industry’s fastest growing provider of accounting and financial management solutions. You can reach Carl at
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