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APM Bridges Communication Gap and Experiences Better Reporting with Loan Vision

A few weeks ago, American Pacific Mortgage announced a new brand including a logo which not only looks great but was designed to encapsulate the unique culture that they have worked so hard, and successfully to create. Bill Lowman in the video created to promote the new look talks about APM’s human connection, and the company's continuous endeavour to create experiences that matter.


To be able to deliver on statements like Bills, an organization must truly live and breath the goals from top to bottom and APM, from our experience, certainly does that. In 2017, the APM finance team recognized that their financial systems and process were a weak link in the organization and set out to do something about it, in order to better support the company's overall objectives.


“It really was difficult to go back and look at historical data; all reconciliations were extremely manual and in Excel, and it was just so inefficient,” expressed Tricia Sobon, controller at APM. “For the financial statements, our IS team created a PDF file that was loaded onto a website for the branches to get at, so there was no ability for them to drill into the detail.”


Without being able to confidently stand behind the numbers and their system about to be on the outdated list, Sobon and her team set out to find a new solution, one that would have the ability to drill down and make branch reporting easier. They looked at both enterprise-level options that were tailored for mortgage banks and non-industry specific options, they found Loan Vision was the best option.


Loan Vision was able to provide the both the transparency they lacked and , in turn, the ability to better communicate between branches and executives. In addition to these, Ms. Sobon shared, “Ultimately, we went with Loan Vision because of the industry specific capabilities that were already in place, where the other options required customization to fit our particular requirements. We liked the idea of having it ready to go to suit our needs.


Since implementing Loan Vision, APM is able to look deeper into their financials down to the loan level and can compile branch reports at the touch of a button. Not only do their month-end processes take less time, they are also able to dedicate that time to exploring the data. Because of this, both branch managers and executives are able to use the data more effectively and in a more timely manner.


Prateek Khokhar, Chief Financial Officer at American Pacific Mortgage expressed, “The visibility Loan Vision has given into our financials, the ability for our branches to have real-time financial data, understand how to get to that, and the ease of getting to that information has been a huge success. All our branches, the whole company is excited that we have this tool; they appreciate it and that's been our biggest win overall.”


While it is still relatively early days since APM moved to Loan Vision, the positives that are being reported by the finance leadership is great to here, and we look forward to further enhancing the system to allow them to deliver on the fantastic culture they have built as a company.




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Carl Wooloff

Carl Wooloff is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Loan Vision, the mortgage industry’s fastest growing provider of accounting and financial management solutions. You can reach Carl at or (724) 216-5266.


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