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Building Super Users

During the last week of May, our team was delighted to welcome eight users from seven different Loan Vision customers to the first of its super user trainings planned for this year.


Over the course of four jam packed days, the mix of experienced and newer users set up camp in our office in Greensburg, Pennsylvania and received in-depth knowledge on some of Loan Vision’s most crucial system functionality.



The president of Bestborn, Martin Kerr, developed the idea of the super user training from his desire to help customer get the most out of their investment in the Loan Vision solution through in-depth training and unlimited access to the Loan Vision expert team. To quote Martin directly, "Becoming an expert Loan Vision user is by far the best way to get the most from the accounting software investment."


Why would the average user take the step to become a super user? Super users ultimately become information and solution reference points within their own companies. A super user is a sort of miniature consultant with a more advanced knowledge of the system than other Loan Vision users within their organizations.


Each training day was divided into individual sessions that covered their own hot topics, allowing the team to equip the super users with the knowledge and techniques to operate the system most effectively from every angle.

The training hosts, Beth Johnson, Justin Deangelis, Ben Saunders, and Martin Kerr, worked together to build a comprehensive yet succinct training plan that would meet the needs of all eight users individually, regardless of the differences in companies.


The training agenda itself was made up of a variety of sessions centered around some of the most popular Loan Vision functions, including loan import building and customization, performing system maintenance, calculating commissions, and financial and reconciliation reporting. Loan Vision trainers took turns hosting their own individual sessions, covering subtopics and answering questions along the way.


To give them a rest from their week of hard work, our team ensured that the future super users got to see the bright lights of Greensburg by dining out Wednesday evening in a local restaurant, allowing the attendees to unwind over some excellent food and a glass of wine (or two).




The official super users receive their awards

The final day was spent stepping through the realm of exclusive Loan Vision tips and tricks, along with a general question and answer session for users to receive additional one-on-one training on any particular functions.


From the entire Loan Vision team, thank you to the individuals who made the commitment to the training. It was great hosting all of you for the week and we can't wait to see you all at our user conference in September.



To read our press release on the launch of super user training from April 2017, click here




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