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Highlights of the 2017 MBA AFM Conference

 The Location


Hosted in a new location each year, the MBA’s Accounting and Financial Management Conference is one of the top industry events for bringing together finance professionals for a week of collaboration.


Year after year, we look forward to this conference in particular for its important discussions around the challenges, opportunities, and solutions to help our businesses operate as seamlessly and efficiently as possible.



After catching a few flights, our team landed in San Antonio on Sunday evening, exploring the beautiful Riverwalk on our first night in the city. Not surprisingly, it didn’t take long for us to notice that the weather was much more pleasant than late fall temperatures in Pittsburgh.








Inside the Conference


Sessions began bright and early Monday morning featuring guest speakers and panelists from across the industry, some of which were Loan Vision customers. This year in particular, conference-goers seemed to be looking for innovations in the realm of new ideas and technology, but most specifically were eager for more opportunities for collaboration than ever.


The benefit of collaboration might often be overlooked, but it holds significant value for professionals at every level, whether you’re an entry-level accountant or a senior executive. Conference-goers want to hear from their peers and bring back insight on best practices or learn the best tools to make their jobs easier. One of the best ways to get ahold of this information is to hear tips and tricks from industry professionals themselves.


Each year, we talk with attendees on what they believe are some of the overarching themes of the conference.


“One topic of interest has been the expectation for volumes to go down,” said Joe DeDominicis, CFO at Nations Reliable Lending, LLC. Aside from the forecasting, DeDominicis also commented on an overall lack of innovative products hitting the market. “There doesn’t seem to be many interesting new products coming out, or at least ones that would help grow volume.”


At this year’s conference, our team aimed to give attendees more peer-to-peer opportunities by hosting two round table discussions on leakage management and preparation for the new year.


The leakage round table was attended by professionals from all types of positions, and lead into both a practical and theoretical discussion of the buzzword “leakage”.


The second round table was filled to capacity and began with a broad discussion of how lenders are preparing for 2018, noting the importance of bringing young talent into the industry. Kevin Roczey, President of ProLender Solutions Inc., attended both round table sessions and gave his thoughts on the topics.



“These are the things we should be talking about. Not only about how to get better execution, but educating a roomful of CEOs on how to get better manageability on loan-level costs.”


“These round tables were definitely suited to be workshop panels featured in the conference. What leakage is, how to manage it, and how you can get your arms around it are things that should be talked about by 200 people in a room, not just 10 people in room,” said Roczey. “These are real-world issues that people are having, not just warehouse strategies or best execution techniques.”


 We also got the chance to met new faces and had a number of great discussions with attendees who stopped by our booth throughout the week.



Dinner at the Alamo

On the last evening of the conference, Loan Vision customers, partners, and anyone curious about the system were invited to come out to the historic Alamo for dinner on the patio. Over 65 of our customers and partners joined us on the patio and enjoyed a variety of food stations with a touch of local flare, including a carving station and made-to-order pasta bar. It was incredible to end a week in the city surrounded by some of the most brilliant and kind people in the industry.


 From the entire Loan Vision team, thank you to everyone who participated in both round tables and everyone who came out to spend an evening with us at The Alamo. We hope that you’ve taken away some valuable insight from the peer-to-peer discussions and approach the next 12 months inspired to tackle business challenges in new ways. As always, we look forward to seeing everyone again at the next show! 









About the author


Carissa Kotyuha is the Marketing & Communications Manager at Bestborn Business Solutions.



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