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Implementation Requires a Steady Hand

When lenders choose to leave behind the burdens of their off-the-shelf or legacy accounting systems and begin their search for a new solution, they are also investing in a process that extends from the legwork of the search itself all the way to the final steps of the software implementation.


Once the initial search is done and the choice has been made, the implementation process is the very next step that requires a high level of commitment, a great lead point, and a dedicated team to achieve a seamless transition.


Lenders have two important decisions to make when it comes to their software. It’s important to remember that just as they carefully scout the market for their perfect accounting software, they also must choose someone to lead the implementation that is a perfect fit for this type of project.


There are a number of reasons that a company’s CFO just isn’t the best choice to lead an implementation, and since the software investment is a big one, this is not a project to take lightly. The best move a company can make is to trust the implementation to a dedicated member of the team who also has his or her fair share of hands-on experience using the system, as well as someone who still maintains the right level of authority to help their team meet important project deadlines. The ideal project lead possesses the ability to invest the needed time and energy to see the project through to the end.


In an article featured in the October 2017 issue of the Scotsman Guide, I’ve laid out some of the top reasons that the CFO shouldn’t be leading a software implementation, and from a software provider’s point of view, who instead could act as the best resource within the company to lead this kind of project to success.


The full article can be read here: Scotsman Guide October 2017 Edition



About the author:

Ben Saunders is the Deployment Director at Loan Vision and has overseen successful implementations within the organization since the solution’s launch in 2013. You can reach Ben at



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