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Industry Insight Through Collaboration

In today's tech driven world, a mass of information is just a few keystrokes or mouse clicks away. You simply locate the search bar on your favorite web browser and enter your search. We do this for many day-to-day tasks such as a simple how-to question, right through to seeking information to create in depth reports. The ever-powerful tool of the internet has made information-sharing easy and accessible, but the results are often hidden within hundreds of pages of “relatable” and “similar” content. Everything is up for interpretation and the answer you seek cannot always be found readily.


While the internet is a great resource, in our opinion nothing can beat human interaction as an education platform. Interacting through discussion with people who have been in a similar position to yourself is invaluable; and for those looking to gain industry insight and learn from their peers in the mortgage industry, there are some great options available. While the national and regional MBA’s do a great job in bringing people from across the industry together, there are also a number of collaboratives out there that are gaining in popularity every day.


Why consider joining a collaborative?


        - To learn and develop best business practices,
        - To understand the challenges facing peers in your industry, or
        - To prepare your business to stay ahead of the curve, as outside influences can change industry dynamics.


This month, Martin Kerr, President of Loan Vision, and Carl Wooloff, Director of Sales and Marketing, traveled to San Diego, CA to attend The Mortgage Collaborative 2018 Winter Conference. The Mortgage Collaborative (TMC) is an ever-growing network supporting its members by offering a wide range of membership benefits, tools, and resources to help tackle the ever-changing landscape within the mortgage industry.


The overarching purpose of a collaborative is to build a network for members to reach a common goal. The benefits can include education, industry trends, access to other associations’ tools and resources, or a combination of these things. As members serve each other as valuable resources, a collaborative will serve its members to push the collective group forward.


TMC’s Winter Conference was an opportunity for members to gain insights from fellow members during round tables, workshops, and networking events. Members were also given the opportunity to gain insights from industry leaders, like Dave Stevens, President and CEO of the MBA, amongst others.


Each session throughout the conference continued to focus on how The Power of the Network, the theme of the conference, is engrained in the goal of the collaborative and is built on trust and cooperation. Ideas, beliefs, and experiences were shared openly, as members actively upheld the commitment they made when joining TMC, which was great to see.


Before making the commitment to joining TMC, we sat down as a team to lay out our goals for the membership year, and the winter conference was a great event to work on meeting some of the objectives we laid out which included:


        1. Bring value to TMC membership through education, thought leadership and networking opportunities.
        2. Learn from industry leading lenders and vendors to further enhance our industry knowledge and expertise.
        3. Create greater exposure for the Loan Vision brand, and allow members to benefit from the value we can bring.


As we continue to evolve here at Loan Vision, we look to continue to emulate the philosophy of trust and cooperation with our customers that we see from organizations like TMC. Just as in a collaborative, we look to share our resources, build cohesion between our stakeholders and learn from those that surround us. As we shared in our review of 2017, last year we focused on enhancing the customer experience through events like the User Conference, Super User Trainings, the Tips & Tricks Webinar Series and the Loan Visionaries LinkedIn group. All aimed at bringing people together in the spirit of education through human interaction with not just ourselves, but also our peers.


Collaborative efforts, whether external for The Mortgage Collaborative or internal initiatives for our customers, continue to push us forward and the support it creates enhances one’s ability to strive for the best outcomes. We look forward to continuing this practice and the continued support of The Mortgage Collaborative and our customers in these efforts.

About the author:

Jaclyn Cornelius is the Marketing and Communications Manager at Loan Vision. Jaclyn can be contacted at

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