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Making Life Easier for Lenders Equals Bestborn Growth

When Bestborn Business Development Manager Carl Wooloff was asked for the most compelling reason that mortgage lenders were seeking the company out and installing its industry-leading accounting and financial management solution Loan Vision, he narrowed it down to one concept: making things easier.


“They’re coming to us to get [Loan Vision’s] functionality because what they’re doing today doesn’t do it well enough or doesn’t do it quickly enough or takes too much effort,” Wooloff said on RGA’s Brand Focus podcast.


On the program, Wooloff pointed out that Loan Vision provides, “a very solid, easy to use platform that enables the mortgage banks to do what they need to do on a daily basis.” And that’s making all the difference.


To hear what Carl had to say in his own words, click here to listen to the Brand Focus Podcast series online.


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Carissa Kotyuha is a Marketing & Communications Specialist here at Bestborn Business Solutions. Get in touch with Carissa at

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