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Mortgage 1 Takes Days Out of Accounting Processes

Last month in our newsletter we shared our most recent customer success story on how Mortgage 1 out of Detroit, Michigan have been able to take days out of their accounting processes with Loan Vision. As many of our customers know from experience, bookkeeping in a multi-branch operation can be difficult when using accounting software not specifically designed for your industry, especially during times of growth. Keeping processes as seamless as possible is the ideal, but as Mortgage 1 looked to manage its 35 locations, processes became weighed down by time consuming hand keying in QuickBooks.


“Each branch office within our company had its own QuickBooks account, as well as its very own banking account,” explained Pat Boyle, Payroll Specialist at Mortgage 1. “In order to balance properly, we had to take multiple steps in multiple QuickBooks accounts with multiple separate bank accounts. Our corporate account was at a completely different bank, meaning that whenever we needed to pay the branches or vise versa, those transactions occurred by either ACH or paper check from their account to ours.”


The Mortgage 1 team had a couple of main areas of frustration. Along with consolidating their multiple QuickBooks files into one general ledger, they wanted to become more efficient across the department, especially around the entering of data from the LOS. Pat explained, “We really wanted the uploading of the fundings and the purchases from the LOS to be seamless, and we also wanted to combine all of our branch banking accounts in to one bank account that could be viewed at the organizational level easily.”


The team at Mortgage 1 were excited to see during demos how hours and hours of hand keying and manual reconciliation would disappear from their daily tasks. After their go-live, Mortgage 1 experienced just how much time could be spent on the more valuable tasks rather than being bogged down with hand keying. It was great hearing about one example in particular from Shaun Guyett, Accounting Manager at Mortgage 1. He explained how one vendor in particular with about 500+ appraisals a month would have to be manually processed by branch each month. Once they went live with Loan Vision, they only needed one spreadsheet and each line item then became its own invoice line with the correlating branch code saving them a few days time.


It was also a pleasure hearing how the impact of adopting Loan Vision has affected the information Mortgage 1 was able to share with its branches. Using the web-based branch portal, managers are now seeing real-time, detailed information pertaining to their branch, in turn, allowing them to better manage their operations according to Shaun. “Loan Vision has also made it a lot easier to report information at the branch level compared to our old system.” Shaun continued, “Many of our branches have said that being able to see transactions for each loan number really makes things easier when managing their operations.”


Our overriding goal here at Loan Vision is to ensure that customers fully maximize their investment in our software and its great to see when finance teams really buy into that goal. With that in mind, the biggest positive for me during the call with Mortgage 1 was the plans they have for Loan Vision in the future. Pat shared what’s to come. “We’re now at the point where we’ve mastered our day-to-day operations, and now we’re prepared to dive deeper into the system to see what else Loan Vision can do to make better business decisions for our branches and the wider company.”


If you'd like to find out more about how Mortgage 1 reduced manual workloads by days, read the Mortgage 1 Case Study.


About the author:

Jaclyn Cornelius is the Marketing and Communications Manager at Loan Vision. Contact Jaclyn at


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