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Tech for the Next Generation

In our October 2016 newsletter, we shared news that Aquinas Academy in Greensburg, PA had been chosen as the first recipient of our annual technology grant. Loan Vision co-owners Martin Kerr and Igor Pchelnikov established the grant in celebration of our 10th anniversary to fund modern technology in local schools. With the grant, Aquinas Academy invested in new Smart Boards for its elementary classrooms.



This month, some of our team visited Aquinas Academy to see the Smart Boards in action. Joseph Rice, principal of Aquinas Academy, invited us into the fourth grade classroom as the students demonstrated the board’s tools.

      Aquinas Academy, Greensburg PA


“For the past 50 years, a light bulb illuminating a clear piece of glass has been the greatest display technology in schools until now. Today, we have the technology to allow students to manipulate their digital world in ways we never dreamed before,” said Mr. Joseph Rice, principal of Aquinas Academy. “Smart display panels or flat, touch screen, interactive TV’s allow for display of information and much more,"


"Teachers and students will be able to work with the technological world at their fingertips. Smart boards allow for greater differentiation of learning as well as support for students even when they aren't in the building. New software allows for students to practice skills and prepare for the future in new and interesting ways, while still learning the important facts needed to be successful.  The new Smart Panel Displays will allow us to leap from the light bulb projector into the world of interactive 21st Century Education.”

      Fourth graders use Smart Board tools

Loan Vision co-owners Igor Pchelnikov and

Martin Kerr pose with Joseph Rice, principal

 of Aquinas Academy





Both co-owners Martin Kerr and Igor Pchelnikov were welcomed by the fourth grade class. While they visited, students demonstrated their proficiency using the Smart Board. "Aquinas Academy routinely demonstrates its investment in the latest learning technologies," said Martin Kerr, President of Bestborn. "As we reached out to Principal Rice to award the grant, our team was impressed to learn that the school now has several smart boards in its classrooms. We're proud to support schools in their efforts to equip classrooms with such technology."





To read our press release on the technology grant from October 2016, click here


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