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The Importance of Continuing Education!

The saying, Rome wasn’t built in a day, refers to the general idea that all things come in good time. We can’t all remember to do everything, be here and there, and of course we can’t learn about everything at once.


Regarding learning, when a company implements a new tool or solution, initial on-board training is just one part of the education process as it will really only teach users to be semi-functional in the system at go live. After the go live, customers often forget some of the training and therefore need to reach out to the vendor for additional support and answers. This can take some time to do depending on its complexity, as vendor and customer communicate via email or phone.


How then can vendors prepare for this?


A vendor can implement initiatives supporting continuing education of the solution. There are benefits for the vendor and the end users. For the vendor you are creating an opportunity to delight customers and convert them to advocates. The benefits for the end user includes several added values, such as:



Decreasing the cost of ownership by becoming an on-site resource for the business and;

Increasing the business’s ROI, as users are more knowledgeable of the system and can use it to its fullest capacity to enhance business processes.

What types of continuing education can a vendor offer to deliver these values? One way is to offer on-site training at the vendor's location focused on engaging users in sessions designed to provide advanced-level knowledge.


There are a few reasons why on-site training at the vendor’s location provides the added values previously mentioned:


      1.  No Distractions.
        Being in their own office can hinder their ability to retain information they are trying to teach themselves or even to learn to then teach others. Therefore, the training taking place on-site at the vendor’s office, alleviates the user of those distractions.
      2. New Knowledge.
        Users can discover what they didn’t even know they didn’t know about the solution and learn about new functionality in the solution.
3. Enhances Knowledge.
The sessions focus on functions users may already feel confident with, but during this time users can delve deeper to uncover ways to gain significant efficiency, as well as greater business insight.



But is on-site training the only option?


Absolutely not. Enhancing the help desk with how-to videos, ClickLearns, and written instructions are beneficial as they are additional resources. Providing webinar trainings to your users about specific functionalities and sharing the recorded feed afterwards is again another resource.


However, resources and trainings may not always be relevant as your solution is updated. Taking the time to update resources and trainings and adding new ones to reflect those changes is vital. By doing so, customers can continue to see the value of your solution.




About the author:


Martin Kerr is co-founder and President of Bestborn Business Solutions, creators of the mortgage accounting solution Loan Vision. Kerr has overseen the rapid growth of the organization into the fastest growing accounting software vendor to the independent mortgage industry. He can be reached at

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