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The Real Key to Growing Your Branch Network: Finding Insight

We recently completed an article that you’ll find shortly in one of our industry’s publications that sheds light on the way some of our customers are using the Loan Vision software and a data analytics partner to uncover some very valuable information about their businesses. Companies that are still depending on outdated accounting software are often unaware that advanced branch analytics are available to them without spending time and money on Excel spreadsheet workarounds. This information is available and can help leading executives to grow a vibrant, profitable network of branch offices.

Recruiting good branch managers and their origination teams is a very competitive business and a number of companies have become very good at it, but keeping even the best branches operating profitably under a new corporate banner requires careful planning, motivation and monitoring. Fortunately, today’s modern mortgage banking accounting software can help reduce the burden, especially when combined with modern analytics and forecasting software.

The right tools can make all the difference, but only if you know what to do with them. In our discussions with mortgage bankers over the past year, we have found three primary reasons they are tapping into analytical software in their finance departments. First, they are working to scale their branch networks. Second, they are working down through each branch’s expenses -- both loan related and otherwise -- to better understand their impacts on the company’s bottom line. Finally, they are using analytics to project future results, both for existing branches and for any acquisition targets.

Ultimately, the right financial toolset will allow the mortgage lender’s chief financial officer to analyze a number of key metrics in order to track performance of the individual loan officer, the branch, the region and the entire company. We have found that the CFOs we are working with are using these tools in three specific areas:  analyzing branch performance, projections for planning across a branch network and pro forma analysis prior to adding a new branch to the network.

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Carl Wooloff is Mortgage Bank Accounting Technology Product Specialist at Bestborn Business Solutions, the company behind Loan Vision, the mortgage industry’s fastest growing provider of accounting and financial management solutions. Carl can be reached at

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