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Why Host a User Conference?

Back in March, we broke the news that we would be hosting a user conference in Fall 2017, only this wouldn’t just be another conference for us - it would be our very first one.


Making the decision to host a conference was easy -- the system’s functionality continues to grow right alongside the size of our customer base.  As we evaluated our growth, we decided that it was time to take the next step and bring our entire community together for one purpose: Loan Vision. And though users occupy many different roles across the industry, Loan Vision is the one thing that each of us have in common.


One of my favorite aspects of designing the user conference has been laying out the sessions by hand. The ultimate goal is to have users feel satisfied that they’ve made a good investment, have wisely spent their time, and have greater insight leaving the conference than they had when they walked in.


Designing the user conference resulted in the creation of two distinct tracks, known as the Power User and Executive tracks. Choosing the Power User track, which has been designed with accountants, assistant controllers, and AP team leads in mind, takes attendees on in-depth exploration of Loan Vision functionality, featuring master classes and skill workshops. The Executive track, designed for controllers, accounting managers, CFOs, and VPs of finance, features sessions with industry guest speakers and peer round table discussions on hot industry topics, such as business and loan profitability, compensation, and reporting.


No matter your role, our number one goal is for users to experience Loan Vision functionality to its fullest. Bringing great minds together in one place is how innovation happens, and the user conference is the perfect platform to showcase sessions on best practices combined with important discussions with thought leaders on the state of the industry.


We want to be a resource for our customers beyond implementation. Creating these opportunities to be face to face with our users is our way of keeping an “open door” policy.


Hosting an annual user conference will be added to the list of all the other training and educational experiences our team has invested in this year, and will become another convenient option for users looking to expand their knowledge and network with other users.


Being a Loan Vision user is simply the first step. We encourage every user, regardless of how long they’ve been a customer, to continuously grow their skillsets and come together with their peers as key members of the Loan Vision community.

About the author


Martin Kerr is co-founder and President of Bestborn Business Solutions, creators of the mortgage accounting solution Loan Vision. Kerr has overseen the rapid growth of the organization into the fastest growing accounting software vendor to the independent mortgage industry. He can be reached at

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