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Mortgage 1 Case Study

When it comes to managing multiple branches at a time, keeping the day-to-day accounting processes as seamless as humanly possible is the ideal. Without the right tools and processes in place, managing and servicing an extended brick and mortar network can quickly become a juggling act.


Mortgage 1, a rapidly growing lender based in Sterling Heights, Michigan, was struggling to manage its 35 locations with an accounting system that was not designed to support the company’s growth, making day-to-day processes extremely manual and time consuming for the team.



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For any rapidly growing lender, using an accounting software equipped to keep up with the pace of industry trends and new technology is essential for continuous growth and survival in the market.
Village Mortgage, a well-established lender providing residential mortgages across all of the New England states, Florida, Nevada and Colorado began to experience the struggles of outgrowing its accounting software, after they experienced rapid growth from 2012 through 2015.
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With Loan Vision, growth has been facilitated through allowing the business to run reports and extract key data quickly and efficiently"
Oystein Konsmo, Chief Financial Officer, NOVA® Homes Loans
Moving to the latest version of Loan Vision will allow us to automate more and get more information to the decision makers in the branches without them having to reach out to the head office
Oystein Konsmo, Chief Financial Officer, NOVA® Homes Loans